Dr. Katherine Endy

I help parents of young children learn conscious parenting practices so they can focus on their relationship with their child.



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What's it like to work with Katherine?

Sienna and Chris have three small children. Add in a pandemic, some big family changes and you've got an equation for a chaotic home. Katherine helped to bring them closer together and not only are they thriving as a family but they are thriving as individuals. That's something worth celebrating.



"When I started working with Katherine, what I was hoping to achieve most was a deeper sense of connection with my kids and I feel like I have the tools I need now to do that and to not be so overwhelmed by my feelings of stress or anxiety when there’s yelling or there’s conflict."

Hayden, mom of two


What Katherine's clients say.

Mike and Julia have four young kids. They were having a tough time managing their kids at home with some behavior challenges during the lockdown. Since Katherine started working with them, they were able to bring more awareness to themselves and manage their own feelings so that they could help their kids more effectively. "It's been pretty game-changing," says Julia.

"Our family life is moving in such a positive way. There’s less fear, there’s less yelling, there’s less tantrums. It’s just a lot more connection."

- Danielle, mom of 2

Hayden has two young kids and was struggling to deal with her kids' big emotions. Since she started working with Katherine, she feels equipped to handle conflicts without being so overwhelmed by her feelings of stress and anxiety.