How To Manage Difficult Toddler & Preschooler Behavior Without Resorting To Bribery Or Punishment

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When your child was first born, you fell in love, a kind of love you’d never felt before.

You didn’t know your heart could feel so full. You couldn’t stop staring at those beautiful little eyelashes and tiny fingernails. Oh! And that intoxicating scent of your newborn’s fuzzy head! 

You knew parenting would be hard and exhausting, but your vision of family life was one of joy, connection, fun family vacations, and weekend trips to the zoo.

And then, your baby turned two.

She started having opinions about everything. As soon as she could talk, she started to shout, “No!” and learned to collapse onto the floor and go stiff as a board, screaming at the top of her lungs if she didn’t get what she wanted. The wrong color sippy cup. The wrong kind of crackers. The wrong pair of pants.

And you started to wonder, Am I doing it wrong? Is parenting supposed to be this hard? Is something wrong with my child?? 

This was just the beginning. 

Now you’re learning to set boundaries when they were never modeled for you as a kid. You want to avoid being punitive, but you don’t know what to do instead. You know you need structure and routine, but you don’t want to be rigid and controlling. You’ve read about “positive parenting” and “time-ins” instead of “time-outs,” but when none of it seems to work, you fall back on the things your dad and mom used to say to you, things you swore you’d never say or do to your own children. (Am I right?)

Sure, you have sweet cuddles with your child at the end of a hard day and your heart is still flooded with unending love and awe for this growing person…

But most of the time, you’re just. So. Tired. And overwhelmed. And stressed.

All the tantrums, whining, fighting, and talking back are wearing you down and making you parent in a way that feels yucky and now how you want.

I don't want to resort to bribery and punishment! Help me be a stronger parent!

Here’s the truth no one told you about parenting:


You knew you’d have to learn to be patient, to get up in the middle of the night when you were already soooo sleep-deprived, and deal with gross things your childless self never dared to imagine…

But no one told you about the work you would have to do on yourself after becoming a parent.

No one mentioned the unexpected emotional triggers or all the ways your child would remind you of yourself (and not always your most glowing qualities!)

No one mentioned that, even after years of therapy and hundreds of self-help books, you’d suddenly be faced with emotions you hoped would never resurface. (Frustration, bewilderment, guilt, overwhelm, stress, confusion…)

After becoming successful in your career and navigating adulthood pretty well, it’s shocking to be unable to handle the strong emotions of a human less than half your size. 

Somehow that sh*t is SO TRIGGERING!

You can handle yourself pretty well in most situations, but your child’s defiance makes you come undone. And you're back to bribing and punishing to try and gain back some control of the situation.

Have you imagined what life could look like if you

⭐️ had a family that felt like a team


⭐️ noticed your kid was happy to be your teammate


⭐️ witnessed your kids having joyful sibling relationships


⭐️ had no doubt you were building a strong and long-lasting bond with your child


⭐️ had more freedom, flexibility, and creativity in your parenting


Yes! This is me! Show me the solution!

I have been there, and I can tell you this:

You can keep doing what you’re doing – trying to threaten, bribe, and punish your kid into better behavior while
trying not to yell or lose your sh*t, meanwhile pretending you can do it all on not enough sleep and no breaks


You can invest in some coaching that will take you from stressed to steady, that will help you learn and practice the tools you need to calm yourself first, so you can meet your child right where they are emotionally, so you can show up, be present, and know exactly what to say in those most difficult parenting situations.

Parenting is a long-game. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. And if you’re going to make it to the finish line, you need a coach to cheer you on, offer support, suggestions, and reminders of things you know to be true, but that you cannot seem to remember in the heat of the moment.

Not to mention the expertise of a mom who has both been where you are and has studied the neuroscience, the theories, and the “why” behind kids’ (and parents’!) behavior.

In this mini-course you’ll get:


  • 4 manageable modules that are all value and no fluff

  • 1 bonus module called "The Secret Sauce" that not only ties all the modules together but gives you that thing you felt like you were missing in your parenting

  • 1 bonus playbook

  • 1 bonus Alternatives to Punishment Cheatsheet

  • access to the private parenting community on Facebook, reserved just for the students of this mini-course.

So that you can...

✅ feel calmer and more confident about parenting
✅ know what to say when your child is giving you a hard time
✅ spend more time enjoying parenting, rather than worrying
✅ lower stress
✅ communicate with your child in a way that's actually effective, instead of yelling and saying things you later regret
✅ learn to navigate the emotional ups and downs of parenthood
✅ stop feeling so guilty all the time
✅ set boundaries effectively (and with love)
✅ bring more ease and joy into family life
This is exactly what I need!

What people are saying about working with Katherine, The Family Life Coach

Sienna took this exact mini-course and was so committed that she immediately signed up to do 1:1 coaching alongside her husband, Chris. They made incredible strides and are a happier, more harmonious family because Sienna took this first step.


Become a calmer, more confident parent.

Imagine how it would feel ….

Yes, I want this!

Maybe you’re wondering…

Meet Katherine, The Family Life Coach

I’m a  social worker, parenting educator, and coach, and a PhD candidate at the University of Maryland School of Social Work. My research focuses on parenting stress, mindfulness, self-compassion, and emotion regulation in parents of young children. 

But, more importantly, I am a mom of 3 and I know the challenges of trying to remain calm in the fact of tantrums, meltdowns, and daily life as a parent. If you'd told me 10 years ago that I would not only BE a mindful parent, but would be researching and teaching mindful parenting, I would never have believed you. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and - yep! - I yelled at my kids a lot. 

Although I’ve had many years of therapy, parenting classes, and hours and hours of meditation, it’s the simple day-to-day practices I teach in this program that helped me be the calm, confident, emotionally regulated parent that I am today. Don’t get me wrong - I still have my moments and no parent is perfect, but I now have the tools to get back to emotional balance when I start to lose my sh*t!

I am so excited to share with you what I have learned as a researcher and as a parent!

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⭐ Module 3: Using Special Time with Your Child

⭐ Module 4: Lower Your Expectations

⭐ Bonus Module: The Secret Sauce

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