Group Parent Coaching Experience

with Katherine Endy, The Family Life Coach

If you’re like most parents, you’re probably feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed to the max right now.

If you want to feel calmer in the face of the tantrums and defiance…

If you’re looking to connect with other parents of young children who totally get it…

And you want support and guidance from a parent who has been there (and studied it!)

Then this program is for you!

In this parent coaching program, you will get:

  • Practical, bite-sized action steps to move you toward more mindful parenting
  • Information about the developing brain that will help you understand your child’s (sometimes crazy) behavior – and your own!
  • A daily self-care routine so you can start the day feeling centered and intentional
  • Support from a community of like-minded parents who are in it with you

Starting in 2022

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