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Introduction to Mindful Parenting 

➤How to Set A Parenting Intention for Your Day

How to Use the Breath to Hack Your Brain

How to Create a Gratitude Practice in Parenting


➤ BONUS Training: Self-Compassion in Parenting
➤ BONUS Training: Mindful Approaches to Tantrums & Meltdowns

➤ BONUS: Self-compassion Meditation

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Calm, Confident & Conscious Parents Workshop Series

What you'll get:

Workshop 1: Understanding Your Child’s Brain So You Can More Effectively Manage their Behavior 

In this workshop, I will teach you:
➤ all about “brain states” and why they matter in parenting
➤ how to respond to your kid when they are in each brain state
➤ how to manage your child’s challenging behaviors more effectively

Workshop 2: How to Create Cooperation on Demand Using Connection (Not Coercion!) 

In this workshop, I will teach you to:
➤ check in with yourself
➤ check in with your child
➤ make a connection
➤ use the most effective tool for eliciting cooperation (play!)

Workshop 3: How to Manage Your Child’s Big Emotions without Losing Your Cool 

In this workshop, I will teach you:
➤ how to stay in the present moment when your child has big feelings
➤ how to respond rather than react to your child’s emotional upset
➤ exactly what to say to maximize connection and eliminate shame

Workshop 4: How to set Boundaries without Blaming, Shaming, or Punishing 

In this workshop, I will teach you exactly how to:
➤ figure out what your boundaries are and how to talk about them
➤ set a boundary with your kid
➤ enforce the boundaries without using punishment or consequences


Bonus Workshop: How to Manage Defiance, Tantrums & Meltdowns 

➤ learn nonpunitive ways of handling challenging behaviors

Additional BONUSES:

➤ Alternatives to Punishment Cheat Sheet ($29 value)
➤ Mindful Parents' Playbook ($47 value)
➤ How to Respond Instead of React Worksheet ($29 value)
➤ I Need a Break! Worksheet ($29 value)

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