How to Manage Difficult Toddler & Preschooler Behaviors Mini Course for just $27!


For parents, educators, and caregivers who want to learn non-punitive, conscious discipline approaches so they can feel calmer and more confident caring for children

Who benefits from Katherine's workshops?

Katherine's workshops are appropriate for parents of young children (roughly ages 2 to 10) as well as early childhood educators, preschool directors, and other early childhood professionals.

Some preschools choose to invite parents to all or part of a professional development workshop so that all the adults are on the same page.

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Katherine offers parenting workshops for early childhood educators, childcare directors, and parents of children ages 2-10 years old. Workshops generally focus on how to provide conscious parenting and discipline to young children and how to manage difficult behavior. 

Katherine offers virtual and in-person workshops (in the Greater Baltimore, Maryland area, in Southern Maine, and other locations upon request).

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"After all the gentle parenting books I’d read, I was honestly shocked how much I learned from Katherine! One of the most helpful things being that she gave me the language to explain to my husband why our toddler has meltdowns and how to support him better. Since then, we’ve been able to sidestep tantrums WAY more often!”

Brittany, mom of a 3-year old

Strategies for Parents & Caregivers

An actionable mini-course designed to teach you to handle kid's behavior with confidence and ease.


"Katherine’s course was just absolutely amazing in helping us figure out what our four-year-old can and cannot process based on where she's at emotionally when she's having a meltdown like is she in her, you know, her reptilian brain can she not even process the things that were asking her to do while she's having a meltdown."

Karen, mom of a 4-year-old

Conscious Parenting Coach

Katherine is a social worker, a PhD candidate, and a mom of three. 

Katherine has expertise in conscious parenting/discipline, mindfulness, emotion regulation strategies, brain development/neuroscience, and non-punitive discipline.

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