Nice To Meet You!

I'm Dr. Katherine Endy, a social worker and a mom of three.

I'm on a mission to help other parents feel more calm, confident, and connected.

I didn't start out all calm and mindful, myself. When my kids were very little, parenting mindfully was really difficult for me.

So, I decided to get a PhD in it. Now I help parents all over the world strengthen their relationships with their children through conscious parenting.

In the past, even though I *understood* that I shouldn't yell at my kids and I understood that it was my responsibility to manage my own emotions, I did not know HOW to do it. I didn't know WHAT to do.

So, what helped?

  • slowing down
  • tuning in to myself and my littles
  • and incorporating tiny daily mindfulness practices

Implementing this trifecta helps me stay connected to myself and my people.

I learned about child development and how the human brain works. I was seeing what was happening with my kids and with myself in a whole new light!

I took what I learned and made it accessible to parents. And now I can't wait to share it with you.

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"Another cool thing is that my 9 year old has noticed our renewed efforts to be playful and engaging with our 3 year-old that he has invented his own creative ideas to get our 3 year-old to be cooperative. For example, he helps him put sunscreen on by painting pictures on his legs with it. I would have never thought of that. As a family we are all on a very positive communication wave right now thanks to us watching a few of your videos and refreshing our minds about some important principles and good tips. The ripple effect is stunning. Thank you again!"

   Dr. Katherine Endy holds a PhD from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, where she studied parenting stress, emotion regulation, self-compassion, and mindfulness.

A former play therapist, Dr. Endy has extensive clinical experience working with children and with parents in the early parenting phase. Dr. Endy has worked in early childhood education, both as a teacher and a trainer of ECE professionals.

Her work with parents focuses on the parent-child relationship, specifically how to engage in the parenting role while simultaneously building and maintaining the kind of relationships they wish to have with their kids in adulthood.

Dr. Endy specializes in working with parents of children who are highly sensitive or neurodivergent.

In addition to parenting education and coaching, Dr. Endy provides professional development workshops and seminars for early childhood professionals. (To inquire about online or in-person trainings for your program or school, click here.)


During her graduate studies, Dr. Endy was the recipient of several research awards, including the Susan J. Zuravin scholarship for children’s behavioral health research, the University of Maryland School of Social Work dissertation award, and the University of Maryland Graduate Student Association award. In addition to her own research, Dr. Endy has worked with the University of Maryland’s Parenting, Infant, and Early Childhood (PIEC) team at the Institute for Innovation and Implementation evaluating Pyramid Model and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (ECMHC) programs throughout Maryland. Dr. Endy has also worked with Georgetown University analyzing ECMHC data for the state of Maryland.

Originally from the coast of Maine, Dr. Endy now lives in Baltimore, Maryland, USA with her husband and three children. She works with clients all over the US, Canada, and worldwide, thanks to the wonders of technology!


"Katherine helped us to manage our reactions to our toddler’s behaviors, and to also switch focus to building more of a connection with our toddler. We didn’t get rid of the tantrums but we learned how to better deal with them, and after some time we noticed the tantrums occurring less frequently, for shorter durations, and with less intensity. We also gained more confidence as parents which I’m sure has had an effect on our toddler."


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