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Parenting Breakthrough?

The biggest barrier to conscious parenting most parents face is the ability to manage their own triggers in the face of their child’s emotional upset or dysregulation. 

Part of the problem is that most of us are walking around with a pretty high level of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, usually brought on by past emotional patterns or traumas. And, as I often say, having a kid is like walking around with a mirror in front of your face all the time - kids bring up our “stuff” like nothing else can. 

What if I told you there is a way to clear past traumas and unhelpful emotional patterns that is even more effective than talk therapy?

Using a unique set of coaching tools designed to address unhealthy and unhelpful patterns at an unconscious level, I will help you go from frustrated, anxious, and overwhelmed to feeling calm, confident, and connected - to yourself and to those you love. 


the Parenting Breakthrough

A 4-month coaching experience that includes:

  • 90-minute coaching orientation
  • Up to 8 two-hour personal coaching sessions (each parent)
  • 4 parent coaching sessions
  • Core Transformation (a simple, yet powerful process to release unwanted thoughts, emotions, and behavioral patterns)
  • Text support
  • Frequent check-ins in between sessions
  • Complimentary post-breakthrough follow-up session

If you're ready to let go of emotional patterns and triggers that are holding you back and bring
more ease and joy into family life
it's time for a Parenting Breakthrough.

Yes, please!

You can feel good about parenting

A Parenting Breakthrough allows you to:

  • Let go of the past
  • Be more present with your family
  • Enjoy parenting
  • Have more fun

During your Parenting Breakthrough...

I will guide you through a process of uncovering the unconscious emotional patterns that are holding you back and rewire your brain around healthier beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.

A Parenting Breakthrough makes it possible for you to:

  • Respond instead of react to your child’s challenging behavior or emotional upset
  • Stay calm in moments that would previously have been distressing
  • Not be so triggered by your child’s (or your spouse’s!) behavior 
  • Feel less angry and more grounded 
  • Parent from a place of peace, feeling in control of your own emotions
I'm ready!

"I am in as good a place as I’ve been emotionally in my adult life ever."

-Murray A.

Create more connection 

By letting go of unhelpful emotional patterns and behaviors, you can experience a deeper connection with the people you love.

Your children deserve the best version of you. The Parenting Breakthrough will help you get there.

Transformative Coaching Experience

I use a combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Timeline Work to help you create lasting change for you and your family.


NLP deals with emotional triggers and traumas at the neurological level, bypassing the conscious (thinking) mind and getting straight to the root of the problem.




Language is how we understand and make sense of the world. The words we use matter. NLP uses verbal and nonverbal forms of communication to shift our understanding of ourselves and our relationships.



All humans learn how to operate relationally and emotionally in the world at a very young age. We spend the rest of our lives running those "programs" - from how we do relationship to how we do anger. NLP helps reprogram the mind toward healthier ways of being.

Timeline Work

All problems originate somewhere along the timeline of our lives. By accessing this timeline and using the unconscious mind, we can resolve negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are keeping us stuck.

Using these coaching tools with my clients, I have noticed that when each parents' negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and unhealthy behavioral patterns are resolved, the parenting issues start to resolve, too. Our children respond to how we show up in the parenting relationship, so when we shift our internal patterns, the way we show up changes - and kids start to respond accordingly. 

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"It's not just tips and tricks, it's a transformation."

-Tanner S.