Transform Your Parenting and Build a Deeper Connection with Your Child by Conscious Parenting


I help parents of 2- to 10-year-olds trade stress and overwhelm for calmer, more confident parenting and a deeper connection with their children.

Imagine a home filled with calm, peace, and unity, where disagreements dissolve into a harmonious atmosphere.

As a parent, you navigate your family's daily schedule with confidence, handling life's challenges in healthier ways. In this serene environment, you and your partner find consistency in your parenting approach and work together to create problem-solving strategies that foster a stronger family bond.

Your child's behavior transforms as well, with tantrums becoming short-lived and rare and transitions becoming easier.

Most importantly, your relationship with your child blossoms.

You can experience a profound shift in your family life, with increased connection and confidence to provide the best foundation for your child's future.

Embrace the power of conscious parenting and transform family life today.


How coaching with Dr. Endy helps.


Kari went from being in a dark head space with shame and guilt to feeling confident with more acceptance and appreciation of her son.


                                             Before working with Katherine, Paige said her parenting felt out of control. She was blaming herself for her kids' behaviors. After working with Katherine, she feels more confident in her parenting. 

"I feel like a different person."

You might be ready for conscious parenting if you:

Struggle to manage toddler tantrums

Can’t deal with all the defiance

Want to develop deeper connection with your child

Are trying to stop yelling so much

Feel angry all the time and aren't sure why


I'm a mom of 3, a social worker, and a PhD with expertise in conscious parenting. I offer a balanced perspective to help parents feel more calm, confident, and connected.

You can feel less overwhelmed and anxious. Parenting can feel easier. And you can have more fun!


"We’ve learned to recognize our toddler’s different brain states and change our reactions accordingly. We’ve also learned how to manage our reactions and emotions in the moment, and also better anticipate when certain scenarios may result in different moods and behaviors and are better able to adapt to situations."

- Beth, mom of 2

Revitalize Your Parent-Child Bond


Still not convinced?

Hear from real parents who transformed their lives.

Alicia's struggle became a gift

Alicia has a toddler daughter and was struggling with sometimes explosive and sudden tantrums and outbursts. Since she started working with Katherine, she has felt a sense of relief and says, "It's a real gift to ourselves as parents."


Preet became empowered

Before working with Dr. Endy, Preet was feeling frustrated and confused. Now he feels empowered and confident in his parenting skills.

Laura's journey gave her more options

Laura was having a hard time with her daughter’s behavior, but didn’t want to yell, punish or do things that were done to her when she was a kid. Working with Katherine gave her other options.


Tiffany gained tools to no longer feel anxious

Tiffany was experiencing a lot of anxiety in parenting situations and was not in a great place. After working with Dr. Endy, she gained the tools and understanding to help her in challenging parenting situations, and she no longer has anxiety.  

Mike's resistance turned into confidence

Mike, a dad of four young kids, was quite hesitant to get the help he needed before he started working with Katherine. But once he learned some conscious parenting basics, he felt more confident. 


Katie and Molly finally found peace

For Katie and Molly, parenting had become incredibly challenging when their child was expressing his big emotions in ways that were difficult to understand or manage. Since they started working with Katherine, they rediscovered the joy of parenting and are finding more calm in their family life. 

Tori and Tanner experienced transformation

Parenting coaching with Dr. Endy helped Tori and Tanner to have more than just tips and tricks -  it helped them to be on the same brainwave and understand how their kids think. 


Ready to transform your parenting?

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