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Transform Your Parenting and Build a Deeper Connection with Your Child with Conscious Parenting Coaching.

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I help parents of 2- to 6-year-olds learn conscious parenting practices so they can be present for their children and actually enjoy parenting.

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I'm a mom of 3, a social worker, and a PhD  on mindful parenting. I offer a balanced perspective to help parents feel more calm, confident, and connected.


You can feel less overwhelmed and anxious. Parenting can feel easier. And you can have more fun!

You might be ready for my coaching programs if you:

Struggle to manage toddler tantrums

Can’t deal with all the defiance

Want to develop deeper connection with your child

Are trying to stop yelling so much

Feel angry all the time and aren't sure why


How coaching with Dr. Endy helps.


Danielle was struggling to deal with her kids' meltdowns and tantrums, and was afraid of being alone with them. Since she started to work with Dr. Endy, there has been fewer tantrums and more connection. 



"We’ve learned to recognize our toddler’s different brain states and change our reactions accordingly. We’ve also learned how to manage our reactions and emotions in the moment, and also better anticipate when certain scenarios may result in different moods and behaviors and are better able to adapt to situations."

- Beth, mom of 2

Transform your parenting and build a deeper, more joyful relationship with your child with our proven coaching methods.

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Laura was having a hard time with her daughter’s behavior, but didn’t want to yell, punish or do things that were done to her when she was a kid. Working with Katherine gave her other options.

I have worked with:

Parents of only children

Parents of many children

Parents of highly sensitive children (and parents who are, themselves, highly sensitive)

Single dads

Single moms

Same-sex couples

Parents of adopted children

I help busy working parents of 2- to 10-year-olds who are struggling to manage difficult behaviors and want to develop a deeper connection with their children

Clients I've worked with in the past are academics, lawyers, and high-level professionals who are used to a certain level of success in their careers - and in life. They feel successful at many things - but all of a sudden, parenting isn't one of them.

Parenting does not involve easy-to-measure achievements like performance evaluations, peer-reviewed publications, or promotions. You do not receive accolades or a pay raise if you do it well. Most of the time, no matter how successful you are in your career, you feel like a failure at parenting.

I hear you. I have been there.

Sometimes going to work feels easier than walking into the unpredictable world of family life, complete with its irrational, emotional landmines (I wanted the blue sippy cup!!) and unexpected insults (I hate you, Mommy!)

I'm here to tell you: it is not your fault.

I have worked with so many parents who were accustomed to succeeding at the things they set their mind to (getting good grades, getting a graduate degree, landing that dream job), but the defiance, tantrums, and constant power struggles of toddlerhood threw them for a loop.


What Mike says about coaching with Dr. Endy.

Mike, a dad of four young kids, was quite hesitant to get the help he needed before he started working with Katherine. But once he learned some conscious parenting basics, he felt more confident. 


Stop reacting and start responding.

What it's like to have Dr. Endy's parenting support.

Alicia has a toddler daughter and was struggling with sometimes explosive and sudden tantrums and outbursts. Since she started working with Katherine, she has felt a sense of relief and says, "It's a real gift to ourselves as parents."


For Katie and Molly, parenting had become incredibly challenging when their child was expressing his big emotions in ways that were difficult to understand or manage. Since they started working with Katherine, they rediscovered the joy of parenting and are finding more calm in their family life. 

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"Katherine was never judgmental about parenting mistakes but instead was open and honest about the fact that we ALL have our moments and that mistakes will happen but how we move forward is what matters."



"[Katherine] really helped me step back and see how I can make small changes in my daily interactions with my child to reduce behaviors. I honestly have not had to “manage” any behaviors this week! Since I have been more mindful, playful and laid back my son has been a cheerful, agreeable bundle of joy!!"