HeartBreath Therapy for Everyone

What is HeartBreath Therapy?

HeartBreath therapy is a dynamic form of breathwork designed to create feelings of ease, calm, and connection. It blends elements of holotropic-style breathing, somatic energy techniques, yoga nidra, and heart science.

What does HeartBreath have to do with parenting?

HeartBreath therapy, with its focus on deep breathing, mindfulness, and emotional regulation, significantly benefits parents by promoting calmness, reducing stress, and enhancing emotional awareness. These skills help parents maintain patience, improve communication, and create a  calm and connected family life. By engaging in facilitated HeartBreath sessions, parents regulate their nervous system, and establish a baseline of serenity and equilibrium.

I started offering HeartBreath because parents I work with report having difficulty staying calm and regulating their emotions, especially  anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. HeartBreath is a powerful, science-backed way to overcome these barriers to calm, conscious parenting.

Some parents engage in HeartBreath sessions with me as a compliment to our parent coaching work, while others choose just HeartBreath.

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Do I have to be a parent to do HeartBreath with you?

HeartBreath is for everyone!

While I work mostly with parents, I invite anyone who is looking for deep transformation and connection to their inner knowing to explore HeartBreath therapy with me.

Please refer your non-parenting friends and family members!

This work can be transformational for anyone who is struggling with stress, anxiety, autoimmune or other health issues, trauma, or other emotional issues.

The breath is the only part of the stress response system you can consciously control

HeartBreath uses your breath to regulate your nervous system.

How does HeartBreath help? What are the benefits?

In addition to eliciting feelings of ease, calm, and connection, HeartBreath can:

– create heart-brain coherence

– improve the flow of oxygen to the brain and the heart

– reduce stress and anxiety

– enhance immune function 

– increase cognitive function and resilience

 What is heart-brain coherence?

Heart-brain coherence refers to a harmonious state where the heart's rhythmic patterns and the brain's neural activities synchronize, leading to efficient and balanced interactions between these two critical systems. This concept is grounded in the understanding that the heart has its own complex nervous system, often referred to as the "heart brain," and can influence the brain's functioning.

HeartBreath clients have reported feeling surprisingly “calm, but energized.” 


Others experienced: 

  • a feeling of being alive, and like I could jump up and go take care of something I had been putting off
  • a feeling of clarity or cleanliness
  • I feel like a million bucks!

How long is a HeartBreath session?

HeartBreath sessions are typically around 75 minutes long. I also offer a 45-minute introductory session for beginners who are interested in giving HeartBreath a try.

HeartBreath can also be integrated into parent coaching packages. Please contact me for more details on a customized coaching + HeartBreath package.

How much does it cost?

I am now offering introductory mini sessions (45 minutes), full 1:1 HeartBreath experience for individuals or couples (75 minutes), and group HeartBreath sessions (coming Spring 2024).

Introductory Mini-Session - $75

Full HeartBreath Session (individual/couple) - $150/$195

6-session Package (individual or couple) - $850

Group HeartBreath classes will be available on a sliding scale, $25-$60

If you’d like to add HeartBreath sessions to your parent coaching package, please contact me for details.

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