3 Ways to Survive the Holiday Break

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Survive the Holiday Break


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…they say. 

Indeed, it is a wonderful time of celebration, festivity, and gathering, and yet for many of us, this time of the year can bring up so much dread, stress, and worry along with excitement and joy…

There are many worries around the holiday season but what I’m talking about here, in particular, is the worry about having weeks of UNINTERRUPTED time with our young kids. 

Of course, we LOVE having time to spend with our kids. We want to connect and bond and create wonderful memories with our beloved children. 

But the reality is, spending 24/7 with your littles for weeks on end can make you lose your sh*t at times no matter how angelic they are. (I know. I have 3.)

So if you are worried about how to handle the holiday break with your kids while keeping your sanity, read on. 


3 Ways to Survive the Holiday Break 


1. Decide on the YES’s

It’s a good idea to plan ahead of time and decide what you are going to say YES to. Giving yourself some wiggle room and flexibility around the things you don’t usually say yes to can make things easier for everybody. Having clarity around the YES’s (and when, how often, and in what amount) can help you feel more relaxed and grounded. 

For example, are you going to say yes to:

  • More sugar? (when/how much?)
  • Staying up late? 
  • More screen time? (This could be a few holiday movie nights or just allowing more screens in general.)

2. Schedule time for yourself

No matter how much you love your kids, you still need your own time to stay sane and healthy. What’s the minimum amount of time you need for yourself to keep your sanity? Schedule it into each day. 

You can also ask your spouse/partner for help:

  • Can they take an extra-long lunch break so you can take a walk? 
  • Can they do the morning with the kids so you can meditate/journal/read? 
  • Can they do a few bedtimes on their own so you can go for a drive-by yourself? SCHEDULE IT.

3. Have a “hack” ready

Even if you have all the parenting skills you need, there will be moments when you start to feel like you’re losing your crap. Come up with your “hacks” ahead of time so you can ride the waves of stress overload.

Some of the hacks you can use are:

  • Take 3 deep breaths
  • Step away and take a drink of water
  • Yell at the ceiling (instead of directing it AT the kids)
  • Count backward from 10 before you say anything
  • Say to yourself “I’m safe, I’ve got this” or some other mantra to calm your nervous system

I am certain that the more planning and thinking ahead you do, the easier the holiday break will feel. Use these tips to make the time with your kids more fun and enjoyable while staying calm. 

And remember, the measure of success is NOT how well-behaved your children are, it’s how YOU show up…and how quickly you can forgive yourself if you do lose your cool. 

Forgive, repair, start again. 


Happy Holidays!


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